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The Ladies Club was released in the year 1986。The Ladies Club is also called as Yön uhrit, The Violated, The Sisterhood, Kvinnoklubben, Bronx: distrito peligroso

Joan Taylor (Karen Austin) is a Los Angeles policewoman whom gets gang-raped by a trio of burglars in her own house. When the three rapists get caught, go to trial, and get away with through a legal technicality, Joan takes up going to womens support meetings where she forms an alliance with a resident doctor Constance Lewis (Christine Belford) whose daughter was raped and killed by a sex offender, as well as a few other rape victims, in which Joan takes charge of the group in leading them out to abduct and surgically castrate various men whom have committed rape and got away with it. But each of the ladies personal problems soon get in the way when each one wants to hunt down the men whom raped them.

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