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The Lady Is Willing was released in the year 1942。The Lady Is Willing is also called as Som jag behagar, Signora acconsente, Niinkuin haluan, Madame veut un bébé, hun og babyen, Fräulein Mama, Capricho de mujer

Bold, eccentric Broadway performer Lisa Madden befuddles her handlers by coming home with a baby she picked up on the street. She wants to keep the baby but has to find a husband to make adoption viable. Why not her new obstetrician Dr. McBain? She offers him help with his research on rabbits in exchange for marriage - and he accepts. The marriage of convenience turns into a marriage of real love. When Dr. McBain's ex-wife comes looking for money, Lisa suspects something and leaves New York. However, a serious illness with the baby brings them together again as McBain operates to try and save the baby's life.

The Lady Is Willing Actors and Actresses

The Lady Is Willing actors and actresses include Fred MacMurray, Marlene Dietrich

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