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The Living Daylights was released in the year 1987。The Living Daylights is also called as B'Ezor Ha-Sakana, Alta tensió, zona pericolo, Agente 007, 007: alta tensión, 007 zona pericolo, 007 vaaran vyöhykkeellä, 007 - Risco Imediato, 007 - Marcado para Morrer, Tuer n'est pas jouer

James Bond finds himself helping a Soviet general escape from the Iron Curtain only to see a cellist holding a rifle on his subject. When the general is recaptured, Bond decides to track him by finding out why a concert cello player would try and kill her benefactor. He escapes with her first to Vienna, then to Morocco, finally ending up in a prison in Soviet occupied Afghanistan as he tracks down the elements in this mystery.

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