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The Love Machine was released in the year 1971。The Love Machine is also called as Kärleksmaskinen, Lemmenkone, Liebesmaschine, Máquina do Amor, Macchina dell'amore, Máquina del amor

Jacqueline Susann's second showbiz-based novel adapted for the screen (the first was "Valley of the Dolls"). Robin Stone (John Phillip Law) an ambitious, sex driven TV news anchor catches the eye of Judith Austin (Dyan Cannon) the wife of network executive Greg Austin (Robert Ryan). She pressures Greg into promoting him to a higher position and before long, he is running the network while Greg recovers from a massive coronary. Meanwhile, Robin dumps his model girlfriend Amanda (Jodi Wexler) and begins an affair with Judith. But Robin soon strays with an assortment of girls. Apart from the sexual liaisons, he's at constant odds with the network. When Greg begins to recover and wants to take back his reign, he gets considerable resistance from Robin. So Greg considers harsher methods to oust Robin from his former position and regain control of the network.

The Love Machine Actors and Actresses

The Love Machine actors and actresses include Dyan Cannon, Jackie Cooper, John Phillip Law

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