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The Man Who Knew Too Much(1934) Images

The Man Who Knew Too Much was released in the year 1934。The Man Who Knew Too Much is also called as Mannen som visste för myc, der zuviel wußte, Manden der vidste for meget, Ish sh'Yada Yoter Me'dye, Homme qui en savait trop, Homem Que Sabia Demasiado, Czlowiek który wiedzial za duzo, Hombre que sabía demasiado

Bob and Jill Lawrence are on a winter sports holiday with their teenage daughter Betty. When their friend Louis Bernard is shot whilst dancing with Jill, he tells Bob of an assassination about to take place in London. Fearing that their plot will be revealed, the assassins kidnap Betty in order to keep the Lawrence's quiet. Bob and Jill return to London and take matters into their own hands.

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