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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance was released in the year 1962。The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is also called as Homem que Matou o Facínora, Homem Que Matou Liberty Valance, Home que va matar Liberty Valance, Hombre que mató a Liberty Valance, Czlowiek który zabil Liberty Valance'a, Tiro en la noche, Homme qui tua Liberty Valance

Senator Ranse Stoddard returns to the city of Shinbone in the Wild West, to go to the funeral of his friend, Tom Doniphon. To a journalist, who's wondering what the senator is doing in Shinbone, he tells how his career started as "the man who shot Liberty Valance". As a lawyer he came to Shinbone to bring law and order to the west by means of law books. When the stagecoach is held up by outlaws, he is savagely beaten by Liberty Valance. He survives the attack and is nursed by his future wife, Hallie. Hallie is being wooed by a local rancher, Tom Doniphon. Ranse teaches the people of Shinbone to read and write, all the while trying to find a way of bringing Valance to justice. He finally takes up a gun and faces Valance in a menacing shootout...

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