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The MatchMaker was released in the year 1997。The MatchMaker is also called as Um Romanc, mi amor, Te odio, Pasiuni înselatoare, Lemmen lähettiläs, Koi wa wandafuru!?, Heirat nicht ausgeschlossen, Entremetteur, Casamentero, Amori e imbrogli, Äktenskapsmäklaren

Marcy is an assistant to Senator John McGlory, who is having problems with a re-election campaign. Desperate for Irish votes, McGlory's chief of staff Nick sends Marcy to Ireland to trace McGlory's relatives or ancestors. Marcy arrives at the village of Ballinagra when it is preparing for an annual Matchmaking Festival. A well-dressed, handsome and single young lady, she becomes the center of attention for two professional matchmakers, Dermot and Millie, as well as for bartender Sean.

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