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The Men was released in the year 1950。The Men is also called as C'etaient des hommes, Hombres, Kormi mou sou anikei, Männen, Männer, Battle Stripe, Mio corpo ti appartiene, Stækkede vinger, Uomini, Vivirás t, Miehet

Ex-GI Ken (Marlon Brando) who as a result of a war wound is paralyzed below the waist. In the hospital back home, he passes through an initial period of depression with the help of a sympathetic Dr. Brock (Everett Sloane) and his faithful fiancée Ellen (Teresa Wright). Ken's bitter isolation is also overcome with the help of his fellow patients, especially the intelligent young cynic Norm (Jack Webb), the witty Leo (Richard Erdman) and serious young Angel (Arthur Jurado). Soon Ken throws himself into the work rehabilitation and after a long period of physical therapy even suspects he may regain the use of his limbs. With the approval and help of the doctor, he and Ellen marry, but on their wedding night both have misgivings about the marriage: the full realization of Ellen's new responsibilities frighten her and makes her more uncertain than ever, and Ken reverts to self-pity. There is a violent argument, and he goes back to the hospital. But his blazing anger finds no sympathy from his buddies, and after a surprising conversation with Dr. Brock, Ken realizes that he must return to his wife, with whom he must try to build his new life, in spite of all the attendant difficulties.

The Men Actors and Actresses

The Men actors and actresses include DeForest Kelley, Jack Webb, Marlon Brando

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