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The Million Eyes of Sumuru was released in the year 1967。The Million Eyes of Sumuru is also called as The Slaves of Sumuru, The 1000 Eyes of Su-Muru, Sumuru - paholaisen tytär, Sumuru, Millón de ojos de Sumuru, Sumuru die Tochter des Satans

Frankie Avalon and George Nader (that guy from "The Robot Monster") are a couple of wise-cracking, swingin' secret agents. Their enemy is Shirley Eaton as Su-Muru, who plans to remove all of the men who are currently in power and replace them with her army of women, most of who are shown in skimpy (for 1967) bikinis or mini skirts, and who can all perform complex tasks such as break a man's neck with their thighs. Avalon and Nader make "friends" with several members of Su-Maru's army, then invade with the local army and kill the rest of them.

The Million Eyes of Sumuru Actors and Actresses

The Million Eyes of Sumuru actors and actresses include Frankie Avalon, Klaus Kinski

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