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The Misadventures of Margaret was released in the year 1998。The Misadventures of Margaret is also called as Nem Todas as Mulheres São Iguais, cool, sexy, Margaret... Crazy, Magic Maggie, Liebe und andere Abenteuer, Folies de Margaret, Disavventure di Margaret, Desventuras de Margarida, Casi todas las mujeres son iguales

A timid, insecure popular author (Parker Posey) with an overly-attentive professor husband (Jeremy Northam) decide to write an erotic novel. With encouragement from her sister (Elizabeth McGovern) and a bi-sexual friend (Brooke Shields), she goes to France with the intent of doing research at an inn where a diary she had been using documented erotic encounters. Instead she finds the inn is now a cloister for singing nuns. However, a young, divorced sound engineer (Patrick Bruel) is also there taping the nuns. While attracted, she mostly succumbs only to new fantasies until he follows her home to New York.

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