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The Naked Spur(1953) Images

The Naked Spur was released in the year 1953。The Naked Spur is also called as Appât, Colorado Jim, Død eller levende, Esporas de Aço, Nackte Gewalt, Nakna sporren, Precio de un hombre, Sperone nudo, Stålsporren, Naga ostroga

A bitter Howard Kemp heads westward to the Rockies from Abilene, Kansas on the trail of murderer Ben Vandergroat and the $5000 reward on Vandergroat's head, money after which Kemp lusts in order to re-purchase the ranch that his absconding fiancée had sold during his stint in the army. Kemp unexpectedly crosses paths with an old, star-crossed gold miner, Jesse Tate, and with a recently-discharged soldier of questionable repute, Roy Anderson. Teaming up, they nab Vandergroat and his girl, Lina Patch, but Vandergroat tries to turn his three distrustful, avaricious captors against each other during the return trip.

The Naked Spur Actors and Actresses

The Naked Spur actors and actresses include Janet Leigh

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