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The Pawnbroker was released in the year 1964。The Pawnbroker is also called as Homem do Prego, Lichwiarz, Pantlånaren, Panttilainaaja, Agiota, Prêteur sur gages, Prestamista, Uomo del banco dei pegni, Pfandleiher

This was one of the first films to deal with the effects of Nazi Germany's concentration camps on their survivors. Sol Nazerman, operator of a pawn shop, and a concentration camp survivor faces a horrid internal conflict. Being engulfed in a New York ghetto Environment, Sol suffers flashbacks. The flashbacks juxtapose concentration camp treatment with ghetto neighborhood treatment. Although, the flashbacks suffer several historical inaccuracies, the point is well made. His internal conflicts between submitting to the same injustices he and his family suffered or resisting the injustice a peak at the end of the film

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