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The Prince of Egypt was released in the year 1998。The Prince of Egypt is also called as Prince d'Égypte, Prinsen av Egypten, Egyiptom hercege, Príncipe de Egipto, Príncipe do Egipto, Príncipe do Egito, Principe d'Egitto, Egyptin prinssi

Egypt, eons of years ago: Pharao Seti commands all male hebrew babies to be drowned. A desperate mother places her son in a basket and lets the Hebrew god guide it along its way on the river. The basket is found by the Queen, and Moses is brought up as a brother to the heir of the throne, Ramses. Years later, the brothers, who grew up happily and wealthy, are split by Moses' recognition of his true heritage and the suppressing system his brother is about to inherit, willing to carry it on. Fleeing from the city in despair, Moses finds himself being called by God. He is given the task of being the messenger in order to free the Hebrews and to lead them into a country where milk and honey flow.

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