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"The Rockford Files"(1974) Images

"The Rockford Files" was released in the year 1974。"The Rockford Files" is also called as Casos de Rockford, Detektiv Rockford - Anruf genügt, Deux cent dollars plus les frais, Agenzia Rockford, Private Investigator, Rockford, Jim Rockford

Series about an ex-con-turned-private-investigator named Jim Rockford who would rather run away than fight and would rather go fishing than work. He isn't a coward, and he isn't lazy--just a bit on the cautious side, that's all. And he bears a very strong resemblance to Western TV hero Bret Maverick. Rockford is sometimes aided (and sometimes deterred) in his cases by friends Dennis Becker (a police detective), Angel (his cowardly former cellmate) and pretty Beth Davenport (his lawyer).

"The Rockford Files" Actors and Actresses

"The Rockford Files" actors and actresses include James Garner, Noah Beery Jr.

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