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The rookie (El novato) was released in the year 2002。The rookie (El novato) is also called as The Rookie, Sogno una vittoria, Recrue, Rêve de champion, Old Rookie, Entscheidung - Eine wahre Geschichte, Desafio do Destino, Novato

When a shoulder injury ended his minor league pitching career twelve years ago, Jim Morris resorted to the next best thing: coaching. But Jim's team, knowing their coach is a great ball player, makes a deal with him: if they win the district championship, they want Jim to try out for a major-league organization. Going from worst to first, the team makes it to state, and Jim is forced to live up to his end of the deal. While there prove to be a lot of pitches to be thrown before he makes it off the mound, big-league dreams are revived, and there's no telling where he could go.

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