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The Rounders was released in the year 1965。The Rounders is also called as Villein lännessä, Vildast i västern, To hårde drenge fra Arizona, Mors aux dents, Jinetes intrépidos, Indomabili dell'Arizona, Desbravadores, Nebraska

Ben and Howdy are a couple of aging cowboys who bust broncos out of Sedona for Jim Ed Love, a slick operator if ever there was one. Sisters, Meg and Agatha, have their eyes on Ben and Howdy, but the boys aren't ready to settle down yet. They spend the winter in the high country corralling more than 100 stray cattle at $7 a head for Jim Ed. Most years, they blow their winter pay in one spring night at a Sedona bar, but this year, Ben and Howdy have a plan: to take an ornery roan that Ben has been unable to break and bet their bankroll that no cowboy at the Sedona rodeo can stay on the horse. What will they do if they win - marry the sisters or head for Tahiti?

The Rounders Actors and Actresses

The Rounders actors and actresses include Henry Fonda

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