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The Shaggy Dog(1959) Images

The Shaggy Dog was released in the year 1959。The Shaggy Dog is also called as Unheimliche Zotti, Shaggy ä' de' du de'?, Koiruutta kerrakseen, Hvem sagde vov?, cane e spia, Geremia, Geheimnisvolle Struppi, Extraño caso de Wilby, Ah! Quelle vie de chien

Through an ancient spell, a boy (played by Tommy Kirk) changes into a sheepdog and back again. It seems to happen at inopportune times and the spell can only be broken by an act of bravery....

The Shaggy Dog Actors and Actresses

The Shaggy Dog actors and actresses include Annette Funicello, Fred MacMurray

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