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The Shop Around the Corner(1940) Images

The Shop Around the Corner was released in the year 1940。The Shop Around the Corner is also called as Rendez-vous, Rendezvous nach Ladenschluß, Bazar de las sorpresas, Kauppa kulman takana, A Loja da Esquina, Lille butik, Pikku myymälä, Scrivimi fermo po, Lilla butiken

"Matuschek's" is the gift shop around the corner. Among the staff is Alfred Kralik, a likeable young man who's in love with a woman he has never met and whose name he doesn't even know (their "romance" has been conducted through a post office box). When Klara Novak comes to work as a clerk in the shop, the sparks begin to fly: she and Alfred can't stand each other. Of course, what neither knows is that Klara is the woman Alfred has been romancing through the mail!

The Shop Around the Corner Actors and Actresses

The Shop Around the Corner actors and actresses include Joseph Schildkraut

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