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The Single Standard was released in the year 1929。The Single Standard is also called as Unsichtbare Fesseln, Kvinnas moral, Gleiche Moral, Emancipadas

In the Roaring Twenties, the double standard is alive and well: wives stay home playing bridge, husbands party with flappers and then lie about where they've been. Arden Stuart wants something else: freedom, equality, and honesty in love. She tries first, with tragic results, with a chauffeur. Then, though her long-time friend Tommy Hewlett repeatedly asks her to marry him, she finds what she's looking for in a spur-of-the-moment encounter with Packy Cannon, a pugilist turned painter who's sailing off to the South Seas. A few years later, Packy, Tommy, and Arden must sort out love, devotion, and propriety. Can it be done in honesty, or will social standards dictate deceit?

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