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The Sting II was released in the year 1983。The Sting II is also called as Uusi puhallus, Stangata 2, Golpe II

This is another one of those movies that's a sequel to another, only different actors are playing the roles of the characters from the previous movie. In this one, the roles played by Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Robert Shaw, are played by Jackie Gleason, Mac Davis, and Oliver Reed, respectively. In this one Lonigan is planning to get back at Gondorf and Hooker for bilking him out of half a million. At the same time Gondorf and Hooker are planning their next caper. And their mark is a man named Macalinski, who makes Lonigan look like a pussycat. There con is boxing match and Hooker is the fighter whom they have to make look good but Macalinski needs some convincing, and Hooker is a little rusty.

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