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The Sugarland Express(1974) Images

The Sugarland Express was released in the year 1974。The Sugarland Express is also called as Tjejen som spelade högt, Louca Escapada, Loca evasión, Kovat ratsastajat, Carte Blanche, Boja evasió, Asfalto Quente, A Sugarlandi hajtóvadászat, Sugarland Express

Lou-Jean, a blonde woman, tells her husband, who is imprisoned, to escape. They plan to kidnap their own child, who was placed with foster parents. The escape is partly successful, they take a hostage, who is a policeman and are pursued through to Texas...

The Sugarland Express Actors and Actresses

The Sugarland Express actors and actresses include Gene Rader, Goldie Hawn, William Atherton

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