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The Tippy Story(2006) Images

The Tippy Story was released in the year 2006。

A two month old Maltese pup sits quietly in a Boca Raton Pet Store having no knowledge or what life could be like beyond the walls of her little cage. A stranger walks in, picks up the pup, and they capture each others hearts. Their life together is seen through 'Tippy', the Maltese dog. Their adventure's take them from Boca Raton to Greenwich Village,N.Y. to Hollywood, to East Hampton, N.Y. and back to Greenwich Village. Tippy gets to know more about the woman who purchased her,'Evie', through their travels. Tippy and Evie have a profound love for each other. Throughout the story it is 'Tippy' who understands 'Evie' and knows about what lies ahead.

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