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The Touch (1997/I)(1923) Images

The Touch (1997/I) was released in the year 1923。

Ian is an eccentric, late twenties introvert on the verge of falling for his deceivingly happy-go-lucky co-worker, Maxine. Although both admit an attraction to each other, a strange void of physical contact persists until a breakfast invitation triggers a day of discoveries that push Ian's desires to the point of an unusual and intimate proposal. Humorous and sensitive, caring and quirky, "The Touch" is a heartfelt glimpse into an elusive romance that culminates in an uncommon finale of sexual tension and emotional uncertainty when Ian and Max risk their feelings and their friendship by daring to cross a uniquely intimate line.

The Touch (1997/I) Actors and Actresses

The Touch (1997/I) actors and actresses include Joy Tanner

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