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The Two Henrys was released in the year 2000。

Once upon a time 'a woman searches for her Prince Charming'. The search for this Prince Charming leads a New York City girl back to the pen-pal of her youth where she finds that seeing is not believing. Elizabeth and her brother moved away from the country and their pals at the age of ten, to the hustle and bustle of New York City and left behind are the two Henrys. Henry Sr. named after his grandfather, Henry the First and his younger brother Henry Jr. was named after their father, Henry the Second. The same in name only with Henry Sr., the shy, artistic believer in true love and Jr. outgoing, athletic and happy in the pursuit of fast cars and loose women. Sr. having always loved Elizabeth writes to her and they become pen pals for the next 15 years. Elizabeth unsatisfied with her life and perhaps in love with the man behind the letters decides that Henry is her soul mate and returns to the country to tell him so against the wishes of her family and friends. Arriving in the country does not deliver the castle and the prince. The Henrys still live on the farm with their abusive, dying mother and Elizabeth doesn't even remember that there were ever two Henrys. She mistakenly identifies Jr. as her dreamy pen pal, which certainly fits into the Cinderella story she clings to. Sr. is too shy to speak up and feels he must forever hold his peace, while Elizabeth must learn that true love is more than skin deep.

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