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The Unforgiven was released in the year 1960。The Unforgiven is also called as Uovervindelige, Passado Não Perdoa, Los que no perdonan, Lo que no se perdona, Leppymättömät, Inesorabili, Els que no perdonen, Assynhoritoi, Denen man nicht vergibt

Odd Western about racial intolerance focuses around Kiawa claim that the Zachary daughter is one of their own, stolen in a raid. The disupute results in other whites' turning their backs on the Zacharys when the truth is revealed by Mother. Murphy plays Cash, the hotheaded brother who reacts violently to learning his "sister" is a "red-hide Indian." He leaves the family but returns to help them fight off an Indian raid during which Hepburn kills her Kiawa brother, thus choosing sides once and for all.

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