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"The War of Gene"(2004) Images

"The War of Gene" was released in the year 2004。

Janet Wu, the daughter of Wu Tian-Ming (China's equivalence to Steven Spielberg) partners up with Edward Shao (Executive Producer) and Derek Wan (Director) to create 22 one-hour episodes of The War of Gene based on the top-ten best seller of the same name by Chinese novelist Frank Shi. The War of Gene is a thriller that revolves around an outbreak of a deadly virus that rapidly spreads across the Los Angles area. The American biological laboratory consists of: Professor Rudy Steinbeck (Max Thayer), the conniving Executive Secretary, Sonny (Kelly Taylor), and Jim (James Evans) as the profiteering security officer. They team up with a Chinese molecular biologist and join forces with support from the US Military and LAPD to contain the infectious virus and save thousands of lives.

"The War of Gene" Actors and Actresses

"The War of Gene" actors and actresses include Jerry Hauck, Nick Stellate

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