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The White Buffalo(1977) Images

The White Buffalo was released in the year 1977。The White Buffalo is also called as Sfida a White Buffalo, Hunt to Kill, Grande Búfalo Branco, Desafío del búfalo blanco, Caçada da Morte, Bison blanc, Bialy bizon, Azgin boga, A Carga do Búfalo Branco

In this strange western version of JAWS, Wild Bill Hickok hunts a white buffalo he has seen in a dream. Hickok moves through a variety of uniquely authentic western locations - dim, filthy, makeshift taverns; freezing, slaughterhouse-like frontier towns and beautifully desolate high country - before improbably teaming up with a young Crazy Horse to pursue the creature.

The White Buffalo Actors and Actresses

The White Buffalo actors and actresses include Charles Bronson, Ed Lauter, Eve Brent, Jack Warden

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