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The Wild One was released in the year 1953。The Wild One is also called as A Vad, Equipée sauvage, Förvildad, Gang descend sur la ville, Gang overvalt de stad, Salva, Hot Blood, ¡Salvaje!, Dziki

A gang of forty motorcyclists, the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club, gate-crash a legitimate motorcycle race. They are eventually thrown out, but one of the gang steals the second prize trophy and gives it to their leader, Johnny. The gang then ride into Wrightsville, where they race up and down the main street before piling into Bleekers - the local bar. The owner of the bar is happy to let the bikers spend their money, so does not support the sheriff's attempt to address any disturbances. Stuck in town following an accident to a Black Rebel, Johnny falls for the sheriff's daughter and tries to impress her with the trophy. When a rival gang, The Beetles, ride into town, trouble is just around the corner.

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