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They Got Me Covered(1943) Images

They Got Me Covered was released in the year 1943。They Got Me Covered is also called as Vi spioner, Me vakoilijat, Me tenían cubierto, Ho salvato l'America, Hjælp! Jeg bli'r skygget, Grande Aldrabão, Correspondente Fenômeno

Bumbling reporter Robert Kittredge has been fired after bungling his latest assignment. His career isn't all he's botched up: his girlfriend Chris is tired of waiting for him to marry her. When he gets a hot tip on some Nazi spies operating in Washington, D.C., he convinces Chris to help him break the story so he can get his job back. The pair soon find themselves in several awkward predicaments as they track the criminals down in a night club, a burlesque show, and face a final showdown at a beauty salon.

They Got Me Covered Actors and Actresses

They Got Me Covered actors and actresses include Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Otto Preminger

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