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Tie huipulle was released in the year 1983。Tie huipulle is also called as The Lonely Lady, Kultanainen, Karriere durch alle Betten, Chica solitaria

Jerilee Randall, a simple schoolgirl living in San Fernando, dreams of becoming a famous writer. While at a party, she meets the son of a famous screenwriter. The son invites her over to his house; she accepts. They drive away with some other people, and that night, she is assaulted by one of the son's friends with a garden hose. The "friend" is interrupted in his assault by screenwriter Walter Thornton, who arrives in time to save her from an even more disgusting fate. Walter's rescue of Jerilee begins a friendship between the two, and before you know it, the two fall in love. They marry. Their marriage falls apart when Jerilee's script rewrites actually improve one of Walter's screenplays and he feels one-upped. Jerilee then goes through affair after sordid affair in her attempt to write her own screenplay and get it produced.

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