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Tiger aus Taipeh(1977) Images

Tiger aus Taipeh was released in the year 1977。Tiger aus Taipeh is also called as The Amsterdam Kill, De la neige sur les tulipes, Dolofonos tou Amsterdam, He jing die xie, Operação Amsterdam, Amsterdamin tappaja, Poliziotto privato: un mestiere difficile, Tulpaner fr&#, Organización Amsterdam

Former DEA Agent Quinlan, removed from the force some years earlier for stealing confiscated drug money, is hired by Chung Wei, a leader in the Amsterdam drug cartel, who wants out of the business. Quinlan's job is to use Chung's information to tip DEA agents to drug busts, thereby destroying the cartel. But when the first two "tips" go awry, resulting in murdered DEA officers, the feds must decide whether to trust Quinlan further...

Tiger aus Taipeh Actors and Actresses

Tiger aus Taipeh actors and actresses include Keye Luke, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Mitchum

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