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Tolpatsch und die Schöne(1943) Images

Tolpatsch und die Schöne was released in the year 1943。Tolpatsch und die Schöne is also called as I Dood It, Signore in marsina, Marido por Acidente, Lainafrakissa, Han som gjorde't, By Hook or by Crook

Constance Shaw is a dance star on Broadway, Joseph Rivington Reynolds is a keen fan of her. After she is fed up with her friend, she meets Joseph and marries him, because she thinks he is the owner of a mine. But that's a missunderstanding, he works at a cleaning shop. After disturbing rehearsals he is thrown out of the theater, but when he sneaks in again, he discovers his boss talking about a bomb they want to set in the theater to blow up an ammunition store next door.

Tolpatsch und die Schöne Actors and Actresses

Tolpatsch und die Schöne actors and actresses include Lena Horne, Red Skelton

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