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Trail Riders(1942) Images

Trail Riders was released in the year 1942。Trail Riders is also called as Overland Trail, Dead Men Don't Ride

In the 18th entry of Monogram's 24 "Range Buster" films, the bank of Gila Springs is robbed by Ace Alton (Kermit Maynard) and his gang, and Sheriff Frank Hammond (Kenne Duncan), son of Marshal Jim Hammond (Steve Clark), is killed. The Marshal sends for the Range Busters, Dusty King (John King), Davy Sharpe (David Sharpe) and Alibi Terhune (Max Terhune), to come and restore order to the town. Ed Cole (Charles King), head of the local vigilantes, and secretly the head of the outlaws, promptly orders the trio out of town. They visit an old friend, Rancher Mike Rand (Forrest Taylor) and his daughter Mary (Evelyn Finley). Mary's brother Jeff (Lynton Brent) has unwittingly become a gang member, and carries out Cole's orders by taking a shot at Davy, but the latter makes him a prisoner during a subsequent fight in the town cafe. Jeff confesses to Cole's involvement, and the Range Busters, with the help of town banker Harrison (Frank LaRue), set a trap for Cole and his outlaw vigilantes.

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