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Trailer Talk was released in the year 2006。

It's contract time again for two actors who are leads on a hit television law drama. Ron, who's top bill, is the quintessential Hollywood monster -- bitter, selfish, demanding and completely oblivious to the havoc he creates around him in his quest for immortality or something like it. His best friend, Jeff, is a genuinely nice guy who, although he has his issues, has kept most of his better qualities intact through the long hard slog to where the partners, who have known each other since college, find themselves now. Ron is desperate to get off the show and start doing the 'meaningful work' he was always meant to do and has decided, today is the day. He's devised a ridiculous plan to end his relationship with the producers in a big and rather painful way. He has also, as usual, decided Jeff's going to go with him. Jeff, who loves his life and his job, especially the perks that come with it, is equally desperate to keep both and finds himself having to do some quick thinking to keep Ron from committing career seppuku. The two pals have it out in the cramped confines of Ron's set trailer.

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Trailer Talk actors and actresses include Ron Canada

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