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Treinta segundos sobre Tokyo was released in the year 1944。Treinta segundos sobre Tokyo is also called as Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Trente secondes sur Tokyo, Missione segreta, Dreißig Sekunden über Tokio, 30 sekuntia Tokion yllä, 30 sekunder over Tokyo, 30 sekunder över Tokio, 30 Sekunden über Tokio

The amazingly detailed true story of "The Doolittle Raid" based on the novel of the same name. Stunned by Pearl Harbor and a string of defeats, America needed a victory - badly. To that end, Colonel Jimmy Dolittle, a former air racer and stunt pilot, devises a plan for a daring raid on the heart of Japan itself. To do this, he must train army bomber pilots to to something no one ever dreamed possible - launch 16 fully load bombers from an aircraft carrier! This movie is remarkable in it's accuracy and even uses film footage from the actual raid.

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