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Tristram Shandy - herrasmiehen paljastukset was released in the year 2005。Tristram Shandy - herrasmiehen paljastukset is also called as A Cock and Bull Story, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story, Tristram Shandy, Tournage dans un jardin anglais

Two actors, as their make up is applied, talk about the size of their parts. Then into the film: Laurence Sterne's unfilmable novel, Tristram Shandy, a fictive autobiography wherein the narrator, interrupted constantly, takes the entire story to be born. The film tracks between "Shandy" and behind the scenes. Size matters: parts, egos, shoes, noses. The lead's girlfriend, with their infant son, is up from London for the night, wanting sex; interruptions are constant. Scenes are shot, re-shot, and discarded. The purpose of the project is elusive. Fathers and sons; men and women; cocks and bulls. Life is amorphous, too full and too rich to be captured in one narrative.

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