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Tuff Turf was released in the year 1985。Tuff Turf is also called as Ultima occasione, Tuff Turf - O Rebelde, Kohtalona L.A., Katujen kasvatit, Gang Tuff

At the start of his senior year in high school, Morgan's father has lost his company, so the family moves from Connecticut, where they've been in the yacht club, to an apartment in the San Fernando Valley. Morgan has grown up in the shadow of his high-achieving older brother, and he seems to have a knack for getting into trouble. He also has a stubborn streak, so when he finds himself attracted to Frankie, the girlfriend of the leader of a local gang of youthful thugs, he can't stop himself from pushing her for a relationship. The thug thinks of Frankie as his property and sees the cool, urbane Morgan as dead meat. Is this a struggle to the death?

Tuff Turf Actors and Actresses

Tuff Turf actors and actresses include James Spader, Robert Downey Jr.

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