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Two If by Sea was released in the year 1996。Two If by Sea is also called as Pour l'amour de l'art, Ladri per amore, Képtelen képrablás, Gestohlene Herzen, Deux escrocs en vacances, Corazones robados, Corazones en conficto, Corações Roubados, Beazman sh'Ganavta

Frank O'Brien, a petty thief, and his 7-year-long girlfriend Roz want to put an end to their unsteady lifestyle and just do that _last_ job, which involves stealing a valuable painting. Frank takes Roz to an island on the coast of New England, where he wants to sell the painting and also hopes that their sagging relationship will get a positive push back up. Not everything goes as planned, as some thugs and the FBI try to recover the painting and Roz gets attracted not only to the landscape...

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