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Uchu daikaijû Girara(1967) Images

Uchu daikaijû Girara was released in the year 1967。Uchu daikaijû Girara is also called as Gilala, Girara, Guila - Frankensteins Teufelsei, Big Space Monster Guilala, The X from Outer Space, X - Nestvura z vesmíru, Odissea sulla Terra

The spaceship AAB-Gamma is dispatched from FAFC headquarters in Japan to make a landing on the planet Mars and investigate reports of UFOs in the area. As they near the red planet, they encounter a mysterious UFO that coats the ship's hull with unusual spores. Taking one of the specimens back to earth, it soon develops and grows into a giant chicken-lizard-alien monster that tramples Japan.

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