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Último gesto was released in the year 1997。Último gesto is also called as A Further Gesture, Yttersta steget, Um Golpe Mais, Siste tjeneste, Letzte Attentat, Évasion, Gesto más

Dowd, who's IRA, escapes an Irish prison in a bloody jailbreak, making his way to New York City where he lives alone, avoids Irish hangouts, and works as a dishwasher. When a good deed gets him stabbed, one of the restaurant employees takes him in and finds him medical care. As Dowd recovers in the flat of Tulio and Tulio's sister Monica, he realizes that these Guatemalan exiles share his rebellious principles. When he learns they are planning a political assassination, he offers to help. His attraction to Monica contributes to his willingness to volunteer. However, the cops are closing in on him: can he make the hit, protect his new friends, and escape with Monica?

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