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Un dimanche à la campagne(1984) Images

Un dimanche à la campagne was released in the year 1984。Un dimanche à la campagne is also called as Vidéki vasárnap, Um Sonho de Domingo, Um Domingo no Campo, Sunnuntai maalla, Sonntag auf dem Lande, Domingo en el campo, Domenica in campagna, A Sunday in the Country

In France, before WWI. As every Sunday, an old painter living in the country is visited by his son Gonzague, coming with his wife and his three children. Then his daugther Irene arrives. She is always in a hurry, she lives alone and does not come so often... An intimist chronicle in which what is not shown, what is guessed, is more important than how it looks, dealing with what each character expects of life.

Un dimanche à la campagne Actors and Actresses

Un dimanche à la campagne actors and actresses include Quentin Ogier

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