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Under My Skin(1950) Images

Under My Skin was released in the year 1950。Under My Skin is also called as Man lever farligt, Slutspurten, Belle de Paris, Vaarallista elämää, Venganza del destino, Sua donna

After expatriate American jockey Danny Arnold double-crosses ruthless gambler Louis Bork, he flees Italy with his adoring son Joe, who isn't aware of his father's lies and corruption. While in France he begins a relationship with a beautiful French nightclub singer and buys a problematic racehorse that no one seems to be able to train. After Joe suggests that the horse has a future as a jumper, Danny converts him to the steeplechase and turns him into a consistent winner. When Bork shows up and tells him he must lose the big race or die, Danny must weigh his life against his son's faith that he has become a man of honor.

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