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Uppåt väggarna(1958) Images

Uppåt väggarna was released in the year 1958。Uppåt väggarna is also called as The Horse's Mouth, De la bouche du cheval, Genio anda suelto, Maluco Genial, Bocca della verità, Päin seiniä, Pudels Kern, Mesterværket

Gulley Jimson is broke, difficult, conniving, uncouth, and a welcher - but an artist. The visions in his head may not really satisfy him when realized, but the quest continues, for the perfect wall. The Beeders leave for six weeks of vacation and return to find a 7000 pound committment and the wall of their living room a national treasure, even though living with a wall mural of feet is not their cup of tea. Then - in a bombed out church scheduled for demolition - THE wall that can become his vision.

Uppåt väggarna Actors and Actresses

Uppåt väggarna actors and actresses include Alec Guinness

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