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"Upstairs, Downstairs" was released in the year 1971。"Upstairs, Downstairs" is also called as Tussen salon en souterain, Maîtres et valets, Kahden kerroksen väkeä, Herskap og tjenere, Herskab og tjenestefolk, Herrskap och tjänstefolk, Haus am Eaton Place, Familie Bellamy, Arriba y abajo

The series follows the lives of both the family and the servants in the London townhouse at 165 Eaton Place. Richard Bellamy, the head of the household, is a member of Parliament, and his wife a member of the titled aristocracy. Belowstairs, Hudson, the Scottish butler directs and guides the other servants about their tasks and (sometimes) their proper place. Real-life events from 1903-1930 are incorporated into the stories of the Bellamy household.

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