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Valerie was released in the year 1957。Valerie is also called as Fresterskan, Farlig kvindes alibi, Donna del ranchero, Sadist

John Garth (Sterling Hayden) is tried for critically wounding his wife Valerie (Anita Ekberg) and murdering her parents (John Wengraf and Iphigenie Castiglioni.) His testimony is one of disappointment with Valerie, her unfaithfulness with Reverend Blake (Anthony Steele),and the continual nagging by her parents; a combination of events that drove him to violence. He makes no mention of having a bad childhood. Valerie, from her hospital bed, testifies of a nightmarish marriage, constant brutality and an unreasonable suspicion of Reverend Blake who befriended her in her misery.

Valerie Actors and Actresses

Valerie actors and actresses include Anita Ekberg, Norman Leavitt, Sterling Hayden

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