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Vanished Acres(2006) Images

Vanished Acres was released in the year 2006。

Jerod Grot's once-prosperous farm is now a twisted shadow of its former self. With his land overrun by crows and a scarecrow with a mind of its own, Jerod is forced to seek solace in the fading happy memories of his past. Each day is as the next. But today, Jerod finds a lost love letter from his deceased wife. The letter is not to him, but rather to his scarecrow. With his world turned upside down, Jerod is met with many more memories - dark and unpleasant ones which he chose to ignore. As he confronts the scarecrow about the letter, these buried secrets begin to surface, shattering the uneasy peace that once existed on this haunted land, and forcing him to face his past as it truly was.

Vanished Acres Actors and Actresses

Vanished Acres actors and actresses include Mayumi Kaneyuki, Patty Yu, Timothy Henning

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