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Vierde man, De was released in the year 1983。Vierde man, De is also called as Vierte Mann, The Fourth Man, The 4th Man, Quatrième homme, Quarto uomo, Cuarto hombre

In a man's bedroom, a large spider catches flies from her web affixed to a crucifix. The man is Reve, a novelist, Catholic, often soused, gay. That day, he travels from Amsterdam to Vlissingen to speak; his stories, he says, "lie the truth." A listener, Christine, a seductive beautician, invites him to stay the night. Next day, he sees a photo of her boyfriend, a buff plumber from Köln. He convinces her to bring Herman to town and sets out to seduce him. Gradually, aided by visions and nightmares, he's sure Christine's a murderous witch who's killed three husbands; he or Herman will be the fourth man. Is he mad or prescient? Is she like a spider? Only the hairdresser knows for sure.

Vierde man, De Actors and Actresses

Vierde man, De actors and actresses include Thom Hoffman

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