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Vision Quest was released in the year 1985。Vision Quest is also called as Vontade de Viver, Loco por ti, Hulluna sinuun, Em Busca da Vitória, Crazy for you - Liebe auf der Ringermatte, Crazy for You

Vision Quest is a coming of age movie in which high school wrestler Louden Swain (Matthew Modine) decides he wants to be something more than an average high school athlete and sets his sights on a prize that many don't think he can win -- he then sets out to reach his goal alone, without much support from his father or coach. His father rents a room to a young drifter, Carla (Linda Fiorentino). Swain falls in love with her and she helps him stay focused and prevents him from losing sight of his goals. Although a lower-budget film than Flashdance or Top Gun, this movie is similar in theme and style. Madonna makes her first appearance in a major motion picture as a lead singer in a local band performing her hit songs "Crazy For You" and "Gambler".

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