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Viskningar och rop(1972) Images

Viskningar och rop was released in the year 1972。Viskningar och rop is also called as Sosinad ja, Schreie und Flüstern, Lágrimas e Suspiros, Kuiskauksia ja huutoja, Kravges kai psithyroi, Hvisken og råb, Gritos e Sussurros, Cris et chuchotements, Cries and Whispers, Gritos y susurros

A family drama takes place in a mansion in the late 1800's. Karin and Maria watch over their sister Agnes' sickbed together with the servant Anna. Through flashbacks the lives of both sisters are described, which are full of lies, deceit, callousness, self despise, guilt and forbidden love. Agnes' dramatic death cramp arouses only aversion in them. They both retreat in their own way from her when she grasps for their hands.

Viskningar och rop Actors and Actresses

Viskningar och rop actors and actresses include Ingrid Thulin, Linn Ullmann, Liv Ullmann

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