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Vuoristolinnakkeen valloitus(1952) Images

Vuoristolinnakkeen valloitus was released in the year 1952。Vuoristolinnakkeen valloitus is also called as Flaming Feather, Flammande fjädrar, Flèches brûlées, Cavalcata dei diavoli rossi, 'Skyggen' fra Arizona, Roten Teufel von Arizona

A mysterious outlaw known as the Sidewinder, phantom leader of renegade Ute Indians, terrorizes the people of the Arizona Territory in the 1870s. When rancher Tex McCloud has his place burned out, he vows to find and kill the Sidewinder. McCloud makes a bet with Cavalry troop leader, Lt. Tom Blaine, that he will be the first to unmask the Sidewinder

Vuoristolinnakkeen valloitus Actors and Actresses

Vuoristolinnakkeen valloitus actors and actresses include Barbara Rush, Sterling Hayden

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